Best Hosting and Domain for Beginners Under 1000rs.

Problem with beginners

Best hosting for beginners

If you are a beginner and looking for a best hosting and domain under 1000rs budget then you have come to a right place because when I was also about to start doing blogging and creating a website then I was also tight with my budget and looking for a cheap as well as best domain and hosting which comes under my budget of 1000rs. So in this blog I am going to provide you what I have used at that time of my starting.


best domain for beginners

Why you should buy domain in the beginning? Because google give preference to your domain and it also looks professional to visitors.
So one of the best domain as a beginner you should consider that is Godaddy. Go to the Godaddy and search for availability of your domain by searching on the website, if that is available then go for it. Most commonly 499rs cost you for (.com) domain and 149rs for (.in) domain. So it’s way much cheaper than any other domain provider.


best hosting for beginners

Owning a hosting gives you full authority of your site to handle according to yourself and if goes something wrong with your website there is nothing to fear of losing your website. That’s why you should prefer to buy a hosting. There are many hosting providers in market but I’m going to provide you best and cheap hosting if you are a beginner and thinking to start your own personal blog without any restriction.  So the best hosting for you is EricHost, I have used it personally.

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