Cosmic Byte CB EP 03

Cosmic Byte CB EP 03 Review

By the end of this blog you will get to know about cosmic byte cb ep 03 earphones completely whether, it suits you or not. Is it good for gaming, music, videos, and all.

Inside the Box Components

First let’s talk about what you see Inside the box of Earphones

  • Earphones
  • Extra detachable/portable Microphone
  • Sound copier
  • Extra two pairs earbuds with collar clip
  • Extra one pair ear plug
  • Small carry pouch for earphones
  • User manual and pamphlet

Cosmic Byte CB EP 03 Specifications

comic byte gaming Earphones specs

Now have a close look to our earphones specs in detail.

  • 10mm Drivers
  • 16 Ohms Impedance
  • 20 Hz – 20000 Hz Frequency response
  • 3.5 mm gold plated plug
  • 1.2 meters cable length
  • 35g weight
  • Detachable + In-line mic
  • Omnidirectional
  • Volume controller + play/pause button

Sound Quality

Let’s talk about its sound quality, what kind of sound experience you are going to get with this earphone.

If you looking for a gaming earphones under 1000 INR budget then this is one of the best product for you because I’m also using it personally for gaming and I also love to do gaming. So being a gamer I know what gamers want for their gaming earphones.

In this earphones you can hear you enemy footsteps in Pubg/BGMI/Free Fire/ COD Mobile clearly without any difficulty and if you have good sound sense you can easily spot enemy location. 360o sound which makes you spot enemy from every direction. You can have a good experience of music as well as gaming.

Detachable Mic gives you proper communication while gaming though you can also use it without detachable mic and voice works properly but if you want more accuracy with your voice and communication then you can use your extra mic. Its extra mic comes with unique type of input plug which you can only connect to this earphones. So if you are thinking about that you could use this extra Mic somewhere else than this earphones then you can feel a little bit disappointed now.

Design & Build Quality

Cosmic byte cb ep 03 sound test

It looks like a bit bigger and gives you amazing look too when you wear on your ears but light weight so don’t worry about that. It fits in your ear easily and does not come out of your ear till you want it to take out. You can jog, gym, and other activities without any kind of issue.

Now talk about its build quality, so it has braided wire which gives you a unique decent look and also makes it long lasting. Its wire is tangle free so you don’t need to struggle with it after putting it in improper manner. You will see an angular jack shape which is very good thing. Detachable Mic is made up of Metal and Plastic. Due to metal wire of you mic you can bend your mic position according to your need (I mean you can keep it close/far from your mouth position) and whatever your requirements are.


If you are looking for a earphones especially for gaming under budget of 1000 INR then I would definitely recommend this earphones to you. But if you are a music lover and looking for music beats clearity then I don’t recommend this for you. Though it’s good in sound quality but not that much if you are dedicated music lover and try to listen each and every beats of the music. I have never seen this much quantity of accessories in any earphones in this budget so you can go for it.

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